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I LOVE working with first-time Shreveport - Bossier home buyers from all walks of life and I make it my priority to provide you with high quality homes to choose from, affordable financing options, and a comfortable no-stress home purchase process. I believe that buying a home for the first time should be fun and exciting and that's why I specialize in helping first time home buyers take the guess work out of choosing the perfect home! I know that you’re sure to have a number of questions about this very important and life-changing decision and I am here to walk you through the process step by step.

I will explain:

1. Where to start
2. Why it is critical to hire the right agent
3. How to secure the best financing & mortgage programs 
4. How to find the RIGHT home for you and your family
5. How to perform your due diligence when you find the home you want
6. What to expect during the closing process
7. Protecting your investment

and much more!

Call or text me at 318-532-7429 and let's get you started on the path to home ownership!